Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice for Corporations

Jeremy Goldstein has long been a big player in New York’s legal world. He’s even founded a successful firm of his own. A graduate of NYU’s School of Law, Goldstein has long been known as one of the best informed people about executive compensation packages. Goldstein knows how to strike a balance between retaining qualified employees, and minimizing costs for the employer.


Earnings per share, or EPS, is one question that has flummoxed stockholders for a long time. Tying executive compensation to this metric may enable CEOs and other high-ranking employees to manipulate figures instead of acting in the best interests of shareholders. If a CEO is planning to retire soon, why should he or she plan for 10 years in the future?


Jeremy Goldstein understands these concerns very well. He is largely a fan of EPS-type arrangements. Tying pay to performance generally promotes acting in the best interests of the company and the shareholders. A good way to balance concerns is to have clear guidelines for executive responsibility, with penalties in place for executives who act irresponsibly. Goldstein is a specialist in compensation issues, and often handles challenging executive compensation situations involving mergers and acquisitions.


Over the years, Goldstein has worked with firms including Verizon, Bank of America and even Goldman Sachs. Although his firm is small, he knows it’s also the best at what it does. His advice is sought-after by the biggest and best companies in every line of business. He speaks at legal forums regularly, especially those that take place in New York City. Goldstein has even published his thoughts on executive compensation in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation. He’s also listed as a leading compensation expert in The Legal 500.


Jeremy Goldstein is devoted to his work, but also makes time for other pursuits in his life. He knows that in spite of his hard work, he also owes a lot to good fortune. He’s a particular donor and advocate for charities that work on behalf of those who are less fortunate. Goldstein sits on the Board of Directors for Fountain House, a charity benefitting mentally ill men and women.


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Israeli Real Estate Investor Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952, but moved with his family to the U.S. in 1981. After receiving an MBA degree from the University of Southern California, he began a career in the real estate industry as a sales agent. He is currently a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate investment firm that he has been employed at since 2011.

Hager Pacific Properties acquires and rehabilitates multi-family homes, and the company owns and manages 100 properties throughout the country. Aside from fulfilling his responsibilities at the company, Adam Milstein also encourages and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on developing problem-solving skills that will help them be more successful in business.

Being that he is a proud person of Jewish descent, Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council, as well as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which contributes to the education of Jewish students and young professionals. The aim of the foundation is to keep the students connected to their Jewish roots and to spark pride for their heritage. Adam Milstein and his wife are also involved with other organizations that promote awareness and support for those within their ethnic group, such as The Israel Project, Stand With Us and Project Interchange.

In 2016, Adam Milstein was named as one of the top ten people who have had a positive influence on the lives of the nearly one million Jewish people who live in the U.S. His Israeli-American Council is the largest organization in the country that’s geared toward promoting the educational and entrepreneurial advancement of this group. He currently lives in California in the city of Encino with his wife Gila and their 3 daughters. The successful Israeli-born American businessman and philanthropist has been involved in the world of real estate since 1983 and more

Can Fabletics Keep Up With The Competition?

The competition in the online fashion retail industry is fierce. People can barely afford to keep open if they make the wrong mistakes or have some bad luck. Despite these odds Kate Hudson decided to create Fabletics and use it as a way of taking over fashion retail. She managed to generate millions in income and she has made herself one of the most respected women in her profession. Although she was an actress before hand, nobody has ever come close to her acumen in this area. That’s why her company is still around even as its rivals crumble and decline.


The most important thing that allows Fabletics to separate itself from its competition is the unique way the website it uses gives each individual something meant specifically for them. That means that if you happen to be a somewhat slim person you will get athletic wear for yourself, but someone curvier will have their own set. That basically guarantees customers are satisfied because everything they experience is designed for them specifically. With that kind of influence it isn’t a surprise that so many people like what they get out of Fabletics and Hudson’s marketing. It’s meant for them specifically and nobody else.


The most amazing thing about Fabletics is that it has managed to enter the real world. Online retailers rarely try to make the transition from their website into a real world setting. That just isn’t considered to be an efficient way of doing business, but it causes them to miss out on a large number of opportunities they could be taking advantage of. Customers who see things in person are far more likely to buy them than if they see them online. It’s worth entering the brick and mortar market just to give them the opportunity to feel and touch the athletic wear.


The one thing nobody can ever accuse Kate Hudson of being is lazy. She has managed to succeed as both an actress and as a business woman without failure in any respect. You don’t need to look far to see that her influence is quite visible in just about everything we now associate with online fashion retail. People are in love with this company and what it represents. The giants that once ruled athletic wear have fallen thanks to the crafty thinking of Kate Hudson. Fabletics has grabbed a hold of the market and won’t let go.

Betsy Devos – on topic article

At Calvin College, Elisabeth Prince began her quest to help the world by becoming involved in politics. A lot of things changed in her life. She married Dick DeVos. However, some things, like her quest to reform education and politics have not changed. Betsy DeVos is still a reformer. In fact, she’s led numerous political organizations, campaigns and political action committees. She’s also the education secretary.

In business, DeVos and her husband, Dick, have worked to improve education through their philanthropy. For instance, in 2015, they designated 26 percent of their charitable donations to educational causes. The total educational donations for that year totaled $3 million. In addition to their charitable donations, they have awarded $357,000, or 3 percent, of money from their foundation to support education reform.

Giving money is great, but DeVos has given something else too, her time. She has worked to reform education in a variety of non-profit roles. She has been a part of several local and national boards such as Mars Hills Bible Church, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC).

As the education secretary, DeVos brings a lot of personal knowledge and hard work to her government role. During the 1990s, she served on two national non-profit boards to expand education choice for children through tax credits and vouchers.

Living in Michigan, DeVos saw so many families in urban school districts desperate for better education options. She fought to make a positive change in her community by making it her goal to better the lives of families seeking better educational options. Another hard fought goal won was in Florida through a tax-credit scholarship program. She worked to make that tax-credit scholarship available to help families.

She has taken that hard work and success to her current role as education secretary. Many of these successes, but many of those past successes are not widely known. This has caused some people to criticize her for no real reasons. However, DeVos is not changed her attitude or drive to improve people’s lives through education. What she began more than 30 years ago, DeVos is determined to continue as the educational secretary. That goal is bettering education for children and adults. Learn more:


High Perfoming Business-Executive, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Best Fit To Replace Lazaro Brandao As Board Chairman

Brazil is without a doubt the most mature economy in Latin America. While there are many reasons for the economy’s strong performance is the fact that it has one of the strongest ones and most robust financial sectors in the world. Widely regarded the financial capital of the region, Brazil is home to numerous multibillion-dollar financial institutions that have been in existence for decades.

One such organization is Banco Bradesco, the second largest private lender in the country. The bank employs tens of thousands of people and is highly revered for consistently churning out great leadership talents, including its last four presidents: Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, Marcio Cypriano and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

In Search of a New President

Owing to changes the bank’s leadership structure in the last two months, it now has the opportunity of ushering a new leadership talent into the limelight by naming him/her the new president. The change in question was the resignation of Lazaro Brandao from the position of board chairman after diligently serving in that capacity for 27 years. Mr. Brandao spent a total of over seven decades at the bank and finally decided that he deserved some rest. Naturally, the bank decided to appoint its next most experienced employee, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to the position vacated by Mr. Brandao. However, Mr. Cappi also happens to be the bank’s president and his appointment to head the Bradesco board meant that his position now became vacant. As such, the process of selecting Banco Bradesco’s fifth president has already begun in earnest.

In the first interview that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi provided in his new capacity as chairman of the board, he indicated that the new president would be a Bradesco employee. This is not a foreign concept as in each of the last three occasions that the bank has had to appoint a new president, it has selected an experienced individual from within the bank. This deliberate strategy has ensured that incoming presidents quickly acclimatize themselves to their new positions as they already understand the workings of the bank. As such, the bank rarely experiences the uncertainties and jitters that are characteristic of succession periods at other organizations.

Read more: Bradesco to choose board member as new president, says Trabuco

None More Deserving than Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The decision on who to appoint as the chairman of a bank valued at close to $400 billion is not an easy one. That said, Banco Bradesco was quite fast in naming Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to the position. A look through his journey and achievements at the bank paints a clearer picture of why the board did not linger on the decision.

In the last 15 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has received numerous individual awards. These years have coincided with his tenures as president of Bradesco Seguros and president of Banco Bradesco. While serving at the helm of Bradesco Seguros, his efforts to grow the Brazilian insurance industry were twice recognized by Coverage magazine by being named the insurance personality of the year. It is no fluke that Bradesco Seguros grew to become the undoubted insurance market leader during his tenure. He continued his high-performing ways in the position of Banco Bradesco president and was consequently Money magazine’s choice for entrepreneur of the year in the finance category in 2015.

He received the award in what was a strong year for Banco Bradesco as it had just completed a $5.2 acquisition that had been engineered by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He was again last year named one of the best CEOs in the country by the renowned publication, Forbes magazine.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

The Life And Philanthropy of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos was honored with the 11th appointment as the secretary of education for the United States. Her nomination garnered Senate approval on February 7, 2017. Betsy DeVos’ career has been focused on transforming the education system through policies that enhanced the provision of world-class education. Betsy DeVos was the child of a public school teacher, and that’s where her interest in education was born. Her interest intensified years later as a mother with school-going children. She realized that not all American children had equal opportunities when it came to accessing quality education. When she saw their leaders work on providing better opportunities for children and improving the school choices for parents, she knew then that it was the mission she intended to get enjoined in. She spent 15 years working in the Michigan Public Schools as a mentor for children who were classified as “at-risk.”


DeVos rose to become recognized as a leader in the parents’ empowerment movement which has created educational reforms in 25 states. In her current position as the secretary of education, DeVos works closely with President Donald J. Trump to ensure that there exists the opportunity to provide quality education to all students regardless of their location or household income. She has been advocating for the reinstatement of the control of schools to the state and local authorities. This is to put parents in a better position to be able to have a voice in the educational settings for their children. Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. She served as Michigan Republican Party for six years. She has collectively spent thirty years pursuing various reform agendas.


Her philanthropic role has been executed through her Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which carries out numerous charity activities. Betsy sits on the boards of the following foundations;


– Kids Hope USA

– Foundation for Excellence in Education

– Mars Hill Bible Church

– DeVos Institute for Arts Management

– DeVos Institute for Arts Management

– Kendall College of Art and Design


Betsy DeVos is the head of AFC, the American Federation for Children Alliance for School Choice, both of these are philanthropic organizations. They focus on advocating for children and parents from households of low income to be able to access quality education. Betsy DeVos and her family actively contribute to funding pediatric oncology. In line with her belief in quality healthcare for children, they have assisted patients with pediatric cancer admitted at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The DeVos family has in addition funded legal groups, think tanks and other institutions. The DeVos Family ranks highly as one of the most philanthropic families in recent times, alongside the Koch family.


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Avaaz Beleives The Ofcom Made An Incorrect Decision Regarding Rupert Murdoch’s Right To Sky

Avaaz is claiming the initial ruling made by Ofcom giving Sky the right to have a broadcasting license controlled by billionaire Rupert Murdoch is fatally flawed. Lawyers acting on behalf of Avaaz sent a letter to the United Kingdom’s Office of Communications stating the ruling had errors and asking for a fresh review. If the ruling holds Rupert Murdoch will acquire the remaining 61 percent of Sky currently not in his ownership. Avaaz believes Ofcom ignored relevant and significant evidence while using a legal standard that was irrational. They stated Fox representatives have a lengthy history of making statements that are false and are formally challenging the decision.

The Murdoch’s will be subjected to more scrutiny if the debate is reopened. They were recently scrutinized over the way they handled racial and sexual harassment allegations by the United States Fox News. Avaaz seeks the documentation related to the dealings of Fox with Ofcom in addition to the communications between the regulator and Karen Bradley. Bradley believes this would give the Murdoch family excessive control over the media in the United Kingdom and is seeking further investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority.

The opponents of the proposed deal also want the CMA to review the commitment Fox News has made to the standards of broadcasting. Bradley has received recommendations from Karen Bradley on these issues and has already given Sky the necessary clearance for the fit-and-proper test. This test is made by regulators and is considered an ongoing assessment. As the campaign director for Avaaz Bert Wander has stated numerous mistakes have been made by Ofcom in giving a clean bill of health to the Murdoch’s. He wants these errors set right and wants to see the meeting minutes between Fox, Ofcom, and the Murdoch family. Avaaz believes too much importance has been placed on what occurred in the meetings.

Fabletics’ Unique Marketing Strategy Causes Extreme Growth

The latest trend in customer purchases is to follow the power of the crowd. User reviews are now an important part of the purchasing decision for many consumers. For brands, it is important to leverage this power of the crowd in order to increase revenue. Many brands understand this concept. Fabletics is a great case in point.


Fabletics, which was started in 2013, already has over one million active paying members. In fact, it has seen a growth rate of over two hundred percent. Shawn Gold, the director of marketing at Techstyle, which is the parent company of Fabletics, says that this growth rate is due to their leveraging the power of the crowd.


You see, Fabletics has over thirty thousand online reviews on TrustPilot alone! They have placed a large emphasis on responding to these reviews and encouraging them.


Why do online reviews matter so much? For one, it increases the possibility of a customer making a purchase, as long as the reviews are positive in nature. This is because eighty four percent of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from a close family member or a friend, according to a study by Brightlocal. In addition, fifty percent of the respondents said that they do research online on a regular basis. It is common for people to do research about products even when they are buying them offline. Another study showed that over sixty five percent of the time, people doing research about products in a store are not looking for price comparisons, but rather for online reviews.


It is important to get reviews that are positive in nature. Over sixty percent of people said that seeing negative reviews about a product can cause them not to buy. This shows just how powerful the power of the crowd really is.


Reviews are also very helpful when it comes to getting repeat customers. As mentioned, Fabletics has over one million active paying members. This is no simple matter. When people see positive reviews about you, their opinion is influenced for the better. They are more likely to buy from you a second, third, and fourth time. In fact, Fabletics gets eighty five percent of their revenue from repeat customers! Seventeen percent of their new customers are referrals brought in by existing customers. This shows how positive reviews can cause people to spread the word about your business. In fact, according a study by Yelp, just a one-half extra star rating led to restaurants selling out nineteen percent more often.


Kate Hudson is the genius behind Fabletics’ marketing strategy. You may have heard the name before. If it sounds familiar to you, it is because she starred in the film Almost Famous. She got on the Fabletics bandwagon at the beginning, and has led the company to see tremendous growth. Kate Hudson has helped Fabletics improve their relationships with their customers. In addition, she was instrumental in helping them get a top rating with the BBB.


Mike Baur; a business and entrepreneur from Swiss participated in co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. He is also a managing partner of the same institution. Mike is has a great experience having worked for more than twenty years at in the banking industry. He then quit working in the banking sector to start investing in startup companies. He then co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in the year twenty fourteen together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.Baur has participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer which took place at St Gallen University. When Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI in two thousand and sixteen, Baur was named the deputy managing director of CTI.


Baur used his experience and professional skill to lead Swiss Startup Factory through the Goldback Group accelerating program in early two thousand and sixteen. The Wall Street Journal had featured Mike’s career from when he started working at Swiss Bank to when he became an entrepreneur and lastly, his role in start-up investments.Mike mainly invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and in supporting several Swiss Startups as a mentor as an investor. Mike graduated from Rochester University, NY with an MBA.He also holds an Executive MBA which he received from the University of Berne. Mike has served in numerous top positions for example; he served as the CEO of ScanSource, Inc. The company experienced rapid growth under his leadership.


The company had an annual sale of over three billion dollars. The company has grown and currently had forty-five offices across several states. Mike was elected to be the president of the company since it was founded in two thousand and two until two thousand and seven. Mike is well-known as an advocate who fights for the wellness of the community, and he takes part in the beneficial Corporate Shield running events besides other road races and fitness challenges that are held.


About Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup factory is a Zurich-based company that was established in two thousand and fourteen. The company was started with the aim of looking for successful digital entrepreneurs.The company has provided opportunities since it was launched by using its strong network in Switzerland and around the globe. Mike led the company through a three-month long start-up accelerator program that provided a platform where they could provide their services and end up achieving their entrepreneurial goals.


Mike has been represented by Sonia Zaks Gallery in Chicago from the year nineteen eighty-one to two thousand and five.MAM Gallery in Omaha is currently representing Baur.He has sculptures in several locations especially in Illinois, US.


Livio Bisterzo: Revolutionizing The Food Industry

On May 24, 2017 PR Newswire reported that actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners had made an investment in HIPPEAS. HIPPEAS is a vegan company that provides natural food snacks to consumers. The company’s signature products are its chickpea puffs that are available in six flavors Happenin’ Hickory, Pepper power, Far Out Fajita, Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar and Maple Haze.

Livio Bisterzo, CEO and co-founder of HIPPEAS, expressed his excitement at the investment from Leonardo and Strand Equity Partners. He said it was important for the company’s growth that it has board partners who are aligned with the company’s values and vision. Seth Rodsky a managing partner at Strand Equity was bullish on HIPPEAS’ prospects in the market. He said the talented management and unique product at HIPPEAS gave them confidence that they were making a solid investment. The investors did not reveal the amount of money they put into the company.

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Livio Bisterzo has always had the entrepreneurial spirit from his college days. He was always marketing events and working on youth culture events. After leaving college he continued challenging himself across various industries. Along the way he has created some big brands and he has also failed spectacularly. In 2015 he started Green Park Holdings as a company that provides consumers with a portfolio of brands that provide “better for you” value propositions. The main vision for the company is to instigate positive and lasting change in the drink and food industry. Livio had a unique approach to creating products. Instead of creating a product first and then branding it, he created a brand proposition and then came up with the product. He achieved this by first creating a story that his audience would believe. After ensuring that his story was a as powerful as possible he embarked on innovating products that would inspire customers. A year from HIPPEAS launch, the product is available in over 18000 retailers.

HIPPEAS is a low calorie, gluten free, vegan, allergen free, non GMO and kosher snack. It provides customers with a good of dose of protein and fiber. The snack is made from chicken peas, which release nitrogen back to the soil. Additionally, for every pack sold, HIPPEAS donates a portion of the sales to Farm Africa, an NGO that supports East African farmers.

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