How Drafted Non-Skill Players Can Affect the Upcoming NFL Fantasy Season

Just about the time, you find that perfect groove to manipulate your daily MLB lineups, along comes the NFL draft to distract your focus. Thursday night football takes on a new meaning for NFL fantasy fanatics as a completely new crop of potential roster changers is added for the upcoming season.



Landing Spots


Whether you’re part of a keeper league, or planning for the situation where you draft completely new roster, the draft will affect the season based on where the players land. For fantasy draft purposes, you may think this only pertains to those players on the offensive side of the ball. This is not always true. How teams decide to use their early round draft picks can also affect the fantasy landscape in different ways.



Power & Protection


Fantasy football teams earn points from the performances of quarterbacks, running backs and pass catchers. Sometimes the big guys on the offensive line are a forgotten lot even in fantasy football.



However, when a team adds a key element to their offensive, the fantasy outlook for the skill players can dramatically change. When you add power to a running game and protection for an aerial assault, the players tossing, carrying and catching the pigskin will benefit.



Defend the Line to Gain


Unless you’re involved in a league that uses a series of specific defensive players, you’ll have a team defense on your roster. When new college studs are plucked off the boards early, that’s indicative that they are going to be suiting as a starter every Sunday.



One defensive player may not have a dramatic effect on a defense for fantasy purposes. However, if they are drafted to a team that’s already solid, they could turn that team DST from a maybe, to a must have team defense.



Keeping up with the landing spots for offensive players is essential for a fantasy football team owner. You can get an inside look at where these players may become the most impacting from fantasy experts like the Fantasy Alarm.


However, but apply a little analytical reasoning to where the blockers and defenders are drafted. The effect on the upcoming fantasy season may be more subtle, but it could mean the difference between a fantasy crown, and just another – maybe next year.