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At Calvin College, Elisabeth Prince began her quest to help the world by becoming involved in politics. A lot of things changed in her life. She married Dick DeVos. However, some things, like her quest to reform education and politics have not changed. Betsy DeVos is still a reformer. In fact, she’s led numerous political organizations, campaigns and political action committees. She’s also the education secretary.

In business, DeVos and her husband, Dick, have worked to improve education through their philanthropy. For instance, in 2015, they designated 26 percent of their charitable donations to educational causes. The total educational donations for that year totaled $3 million. In addition to their charitable donations, they have awarded $357,000, or 3 percent, of money from their foundation to support education reform.

Giving money is great, but DeVos has given something else too, her time. She has worked to reform education in a variety of non-profit roles. She has been a part of several local and national boards such as Mars Hills Bible Church, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC).

As the education secretary, DeVos brings a lot of personal knowledge and hard work to her government role. During the 1990s, she served on two national non-profit boards to expand education choice for children through tax credits and vouchers.

Living in Michigan, DeVos saw so many families in urban school districts desperate for better education options. She fought to make a positive change in her community by making it her goal to better the lives of families seeking better educational options. Another hard fought goal won was in Florida through a tax-credit scholarship program. She worked to make that tax-credit scholarship available to help families.

She has taken that hard work and success to her current role as education secretary. Many of these successes, but many of those past successes are not widely known. This has caused some people to criticize her for no real reasons. However, DeVos is not changed her attitude or drive to improve people’s lives through education. What she began more than 30 years ago, DeVos is determined to continue as the educational secretary. That goal is bettering education for children and adults. Learn more:


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