Mike Baur; a business and entrepreneur from Swiss participated in co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. He is also a managing partner of the same institution. Mike is has a great experience having worked for more than twenty years at in the banking industry. He then quit working in the banking sector to start investing in startup companies. He then co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in the year twenty fourteen together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.Baur has participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer which took place at St Gallen University. When Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI in two thousand and sixteen, Baur was named the deputy managing director of CTI.


Baur used his experience and professional skill to lead Swiss Startup Factory through the Goldback Group accelerating program in early two thousand and sixteen. The Wall Street Journal had featured Mike’s career from when he started working at Swiss Bank to when he became an entrepreneur and lastly, his role in start-up investments.Mike mainly invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and in supporting several Swiss Startups as a mentor as an investor. Mike graduated from Rochester University, NY with an MBA.He also holds an Executive MBA which he received from the University of Berne. Mike has served in numerous top positions for example; he served as the CEO of ScanSource, Inc. The company experienced rapid growth under his leadership.


The company had an annual sale of over three billion dollars. The company has grown and currently had forty-five offices across several states. Mike was elected to be the president of the company since it was founded in two thousand and two until two thousand and seven. Mike is well-known as an advocate who fights for the wellness of the community, and he takes part in the beneficial Corporate Shield running events besides other road races and fitness challenges that are held.


About Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup factory is a Zurich-based company that was established in two thousand and fourteen. The company was started with the aim of looking for successful digital entrepreneurs.The company has provided opportunities since it was launched by using its strong network in Switzerland and around the globe. Mike led the company through a three-month long start-up accelerator program that provided a platform where they could provide their services and end up achieving their entrepreneurial goals.


Mike has been represented by Sonia Zaks Gallery in Chicago from the year nineteen eighty-one to two thousand and five.MAM Gallery in Omaha is currently representing Baur.He has sculptures in several locations especially in Illinois, US.


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About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a global marketing giant founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who still acts as its CEO. This company is well known all over the world for its unmatched video marketing products that have made the business community’s life simpler and better by the day. With a presence in over 140 countries in the world, Talk Fusion is known for its evolutionary products that include Video emails, Video Chats, Live Meetings, and Video Meetings among others. Learn more: https://talkfusion.com/en


In addition to its expertise in video marketing, Talk Fusion is also known for its dedication and commitment to the society. The company engages in charitable activities by supporting the families, communities, friends and animal orphanages within its surroundings and across the world.