Brad Reifler Knows a Lot About Investing

Investing can be a very tricky business. There are many things that a person needs to be aware of in order to invest wisely. Failure to do the necessary homework could result in you losing a lot of money. One of the most successful investors over the past 30 years has been Brad Reifler.

He started from nothing and has managed to build a career that is the envy of most people on Wall Street. He has been able to achieve such success because he always gathers as much info as possible before making any decisions.

Bloomberg revealed to us that Brad Reifler studied at Bowdion College where he graduated with honors. He did not want to go to work at a company and have to answer to a boss. He decided to take a risk and go into business for himself. This led him to create the Reifler Trading Corporation.

He worked very hard to get this company off the ground and it paid off. The company was making a profit by the end of its first year in existence. Brad Reifler was quickly making a name for himself in financial circles. Many veteran investors wanted to know who this new whiz kid was and where he came from.

It was not very long before Brad Reifler started to get contacted by some of the most power investors in the United States. They had heard about the large amounts of money that Brad had already made for his clients. Needless to say, they wanted to get in on the action.

Brad would eventually become the CEO of Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. It is in these two positions that Brad truly achieved superstar status in the world of investing. He had many large articles written about him and he was interviewed dozens of times.

According to Crunchbase, the fame that Brad Reifler had acquired did wonders for his business. He found that people wanted to work with him simply because of the articles they had read about him. He said it is truly a blessing to have people wanting to trust him with making their life savings grow.

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