The Impressive Accomplishments of Brian Bonar


Brian Bonar is an outstanding figure in the financial industry, as the numerous accolades bequeathed on him can attest. In 2010, Brian was bestowed with the esteemed Who’s Who awards, as the Financial Executive of the Year by Cambridge. The award is presented yearly to outstanding performers, both male and female, from the academic and corporate worlds.

Brian boasts of excellent academic credentials, having received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He pursued further education at the Stafford University in the UK, from where he graduated with a Master’s and a Ph.D.

Owing to over three decades of relevant experience, Brain has served in a myriad of prominent commercial firms. Among the institutions for which Bonar has worked are Amanda Co, Benzier systems, The Solvis Group Inc., and Trucept Inc. to which he is the incumbent CEO. His uncompromised work ethic has contributed significantly to progressing his illustrious career.

Illustrious Career

Brian started out as procurement manager for the electronics giant, IBM. Here, he oversaw the outsourcing of motherboards. He later joined QMS as an engineer, where he supervised software and hardware development. His journey in the tech industry continued at Rastek, a printing company.

Bonar accrued considerable knowledge on printing after his spell at Rastek. He moved on to Adaptec, an affiliate of major printer manufacturing companies.

His first entrepreneurial venture was Bezier Systems, the establishment recognized for pioneering the development of SCSI printers. Consequently, ITEC imaging, another printer firm, hired Brian. He served at ITEC for four years before moving on to Allegiant Professional as a sales and marketing executive. All in all, Brian possesses an impressive work portfolio.


According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar’s first job at Dalrada was in the technology sales department, where he was the director for two years. Bonar was subsequently promoted to Vice President of the sales docket. Over the years, Brian rose through the ranks steadily, holding an array of important positions in the firm, including COO, President, and Director. The crown of the jewel was when he eventually became the chief executive officer.

Due to working for over thirty years in the industry, Brian has accrued enormous experience. His revolutionary leadership strategies resulted in Dalrada moving from unassertive beginnings to a globally celebrated financial services provider. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Also, the Dalrada Group’s client base has soared considerably. The corporation aims to increase the value of their customers’ businesses by providing distinguished employee services.

The implausible conquest of Dalrada is attributed to the personalization of customers’ services, hence better consumer gratification. By ensuring that users are given the best possible experience, Brian has managed to attract numerous clients to his business. Under his exemplary leadership, the firm has broken new grounds regarding customer numbers.