YouTuber Kim Dao Goes On A Photo-Shoot In Seoul

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao enjoys sharing travel experiences with her YouTube subscribers. One place Kim Dao loves traveling to nowadays is South Korea. In one of Kim’s more recent videos, called “Shopping in Hongdae | Photoshoot in Seoul | KimDao in KOREA,” she takes viewers on an exciting journey in Seoul (Korean: 서울). Learn more:


At the beginning of this video, Kim Dao says that she is going to a photo-shoot later on in the day. She also tells her viewers that she needs to purchase some clothes in Hongdae. Learn more:


In the next shot, we see Kim Dao and photographer Natalia Pek eating at a Chinese-Korean restaurant. Natalia brought Kim a bouquet of flowers for the photo-shoot. Before taking pics, however, Kim and Natalia order some lunch.


Although Kim Dao doesn’t show the actual photo-shoot in this vlog, she does show us her stunning outfit. Kim Dao wore a large white skirt that went all the way over her top. She says she can’t wait to share these photos with her Instagram followers.


Later on in the day, Kim Dao travels to Hongdae to shop at Forever 21 and H&M. As she’s walking around Hongdae, Kim Dao tells us all about how Citi Bank ATMs work in Seoul.


After trying on a few different wardrobes, Kim Dao goes out with Sunnydahye for dinner. At the end of the meal, both Sunny and Kim slam their hands on the table to pay for the bill. Sunny pays for meal, but Kim Dao purchases dessert.


The video closes with Kim Dao walking through the Seoul street markets on a crowded Saturday night. Learn more here: